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June 4, 2019

Amazon Buys Sizmek Ad Server

Amazon Buys Sizmek Ad Server


Confirming weeks of industry rumors, Amazon has announced it is buying bankrupt ad server Sizmek. The deal will help grow Amazon’s already-burgeoning ad business, in addition to giving it new source of consumer data. Advertisers wanting to keep outside of Google’s walled garden may not be thrilled to jump into Amazon’s but presumably it’s better than losing Sizmek altogether. Read AdExchanger's detailed analysis.

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TransUnion Buys Predictive Ad Targeter TruSignal


Here’s another adtech sale to a data gobbling giant: advertising audience building platform TruSignal was purchased last month by TransUnion. TruSignal builds a cross-channel identity graph but is known mostly for using predictive scoring to build audiences and optimize programmatic ad bids. TransUnion was building detailed consumer profiles before it was cool.

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Apple Adds Privacy-Protecting App Sign-in


Apple gathers plenty of consumer data but is more stingy about sharing it. They’re extending their privacy story with an iPhone option that hides users’ email addresses from app developers. You have to sign in using your Apple ID but Apple promises they won’t use that to profile users or track activity in apps. Cynics will note that Apple can do this because its business doesn’t depend on monetizing customer data.  Maybe that’s the point.

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