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June 10, 2019

LogMeIn Adds AI-Powered Customer Engagement

LogMeIn Adds AI-Powered Customer Engagement


The News Gods have apparently adopted summer hours, since nothing of interest happened on Friday. That lets us catch up on some Artificial Intelligence items that we didn’t get to earlier in the week. We’ll start with LogMeIn, which is expanding beyond remote access software to offer an AI-powered Bold360 customer engagement suite. It will deliver customer support, advisory, and shopping bots and bot-powered advice to customer-facing employees.

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Pega Says AI Lacks Empathy and Offers to Add Some


Customer engagement vendor Pega has decided the problem with AI is consumers feel it lacks empathy. They’re solving that by letting companies decide how much weight the AI should give to customer interests vs. business value. The company also released research showing that consumers have more trust in people than AI but are highly skeptical of both.

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Chatbots Resolve 65% of Ecommerce Queries: Aivo Research


Chatbot vendor Aivo has a more positive view of AI’s results, reporting that its clients found chatbots could resolve 65% of e-commerce customer inquiries. It found most questions were requests for information not found on a company’s Web site, which chatbots were good at providing. Download for interesting details on chatbot deployment.

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