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June 13, 2019

Adjust Raises $227 Million for Mobile Ad Measurement and Fraud Prevention

Adjust Raises $227 Million for Mobile Ad Measurement and Fraud Prevention

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You don’t usually show much interest in ad fraud, Dear Reader. But $227 million is enough to attract anyone’s attention and that’s how much mobile ad fraud prevention company Adjust raised yesterday. Berlin-based Adjust is expanding globally and broadening its product line to incorporate analytics, cybersecurity, and ad campaign management.

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Ad Fraud Will Cost $23 Billion in 2019: CHEQ Survey


Putting things in perspective, online ad fraud will cost marketers $23 billion this year, according to cybersecurity company CHEQ. Another CHEQ study found that publishers and advertisers feel brand safety tools block too much content. Priorities are clear: 92% of marketers would drop brand safety tools if needed to achieve reach targets.

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TargetCircle and TapHeaven Merge to Create Unified Mobile Ad Platform


We might as well stick with mobile to the end. Norway-based TargetCircle provides mobile marketing tools and a marketplace with more than 450 mobile ad channels. They just merged with TapHeaven, which offers an automated platform to manage and optimize mobile ad campaigns.

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