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June 14, 2019

D&B Buys B2B CDP Lattice Engines

D&B Buys B2B CDP Lattice Engines

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet yesterday announced a deal to buy B2B CDP Lattice Engines. The company describes the purchase as complementing D&B data with Lattice’s AI-based marketing analytics. And they’re not shy about terminology: the headline announcing the acquisition says it will “position Dun & Bradstreet as leading Customer Data Platform provider.”

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Sales Has Largest Corporate Tech Budget But Marketing Outspends IT: DiscoverOrg Study


In the mood for some math? DiscoverOrg asked chief financial officers what percentage of total spend goes to each department and what percentage of each department’s spend goes to tech. Combine those and you can estimate the percentage of total tech spend by department. Fun! The result suggests that sales accounts for 31% of total tech spend, while marketing is in third place with 16% and IT ranks fourth at 9%.

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IT and Business Units Cooperate More at Digital Leaders: Harvey Nash and KPMG Study

Harvey Nash USA

On the other hand, when Harvey Nash and KPMG surveyed IT leaders, 95% said they manage 75% or more of their company’s tech spend. They wish.  More believable: companies that are digital leaders were more three times as likely as non-leaders to have a collaborative relationship between IT and business units (54% vs 18%). Lots of interesting data here but, as with any survey, keep in mind the source.

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