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June 17, 2019

Mary Meeker’s Latest Internet Report Remains Bullish

Mary Meeker’s Latest Internet Report Remains Bullish


Legendary tech analyst Mary Meeker released her annual Internet trends report last week. As usual, Meeker is bullish on tech and skeptical of government regulation. She’s particularly enamored of video and thinks privacy concerns are “moderating”.

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Drift Launches Video That Watches You Back


Conversational marketing platform Drift is also bullish on video. They just launched Drift Video, which makes it super easy to create a video and lets agents “hop right in and say hello when someone is watching”. Nothing annoying about that.

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InMoment Adds Real-Time Emotion Response to Feedback Tracking


InMoment analyzes customer and employee feedback from surveys, call center transcripts, social media, and other sources. They’ve just added real-time emotion detection to the mix, including abilities to activate workflows, coaching and case management. I’d say I’m excited but they already know.

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