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June 19, 2019

Forrester Issues B2B CDP ‘New Wave’

Forrester Issues B2B CDP ‘New Wave’


You probably don’t need evidence that CDPs are here to stay but I’ll share some anyway: Forrester Research has issued its first CDP Wave. They made some interesting choices, including the set of vendors and a focus on B2B CDPs. But it’s a start. You can download a free copy courtesy of Leadspace, which Forrester ranked as a leader.

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DMPs Down and CDPs Up: Cardinal Path Report

Cardinal Path

CDPs aren’t the stars of Cardinal Path’s latest State of Digital Marketing Analytics report, although they do play a supporting role as suspects in the decline of Data Management Platforms, whose adoption fell across the board. The authors relate the DMPs’ fall to growing interest in CDPs, citing this Google Trends chart. I’m skeptical but maybe some people who bought DMPs for the wrong applications are now finding CDPs are a better fit.

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CabinetM Alerts Marketers to Unwanted Contract Auto-Renewals

EIN Presswire

Speaking of bad martech decisions, CabinetM is helping marketers cut their losses by alerting them when contracts on unused systems are about to auto-renew. CabinetM offers a variety of tools and services to help marketers manage their technology.

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