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June 20, 2019

Google Offers Predictive Marketing Models within BigQuery

Google Offers Predictive Marketing Models within BigQuery


We reported last week that Amazon was sharing its personalization algorithms. Today it’s Google’s turn: they have launched BigQuery ML, which builds machine learning models on data in the BigQuery data store. Users must know SQL but not Python or Java. Google even provided “tutorial-like” templates for customer segmentation, lifetime value prediction, and conversion prediction. So bright…so shiny…

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VidMob Raises $25 Million Series B for Video Ad Optimization

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Video ad creation platform VidMob has raised a $25 million Series B, bringing total funding to over $45 million. VidMob pushes video ads to social network, analyzes the impact of different attributes on results, and suggests improvements. The company calls this an “API for creativity”. We all knew that was coming.

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Clear Channel Outdoor Lets Advertisers Match Customer Lists with Outdoor Ad Viewers

Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor has more than 450,000 outdoor displays worldwide. At least some of those track nearby mobile devices, which lets the company profile ad audiences, measure campaign impact, and cross-target ads. The company is now letting advertisers upload their own customer data to its system to allow even richer analysis. Plenty of individual-level data here although it’s technically anonymous.

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