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January 10, 2017

Networked Insights Raises $30 Million, Tru Optik Launches OTT Marketing Cloud, Allocadia Study Finds Value in Marketing Measurement

Networked Insights Raises $30 Million to Expand AI-Based Social Media Tracking and Targeting

Networked Insights

Networked Insights uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand what consumers are talking about in social media and to build individual-level interest profiles. These are used by agencies and brand marketers for analysis and audience targeting across Facebook, Twitter, and ad networks. The company just raised $30 million, bringing total funding to $80 million.

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Tru Optik Launches OTT Marketing Cloud to Take Advantage of Internet-Transmitted TV

PR Web

Optik has launched a collection of modules that help advertisers and publishers take advantage of Internet-transmitted television, a.k.a. OTT (Over the Top). That would be things like Netflix that don’t go through a broadcast or cable network. According to the company, OTT now accounts for the majority of scripted TV programming watched by millennials. Modules help to identify viewers, enhance viewer profiles with third party data, target advertisements through interactive TVs, gaming consoles, and other connected devices, and measure results. A key point is there are no cookies or SDK integrations needed – so this is yet another new world of customer data to wrap your head around.

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Allocadia Survey Finds Companies Lack Organized Data, And Other Things


Marketing performance measurement specialists Allocadia have released a study that found growth correlates with cooperation between marketing and finance departments, measuring marketing’s contribution to revenue, and having a clear marketing technology roadmap. The study is mostly about marketing measurement but CDP-obsessives will want to know that just 8% of organizations combine marketing, sales and finance data in one data warehouse and only 28% feel marketing's data is accounted for and well formatted. Note that we’re just talking about making the data available for analysis, not using it to manage customer interactions.

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