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June 26, 2019

NetLine Offers Free Content Consumption Reports

NetLine Offers Free Content Consumption Reports


B2B content syndicator NetLine is offering free insights into buyer interests in the form of Audience Explorer, which lets marketers see top trending topics among user-specified segments based on job function, job level, company size, industry and region. Fun to play with but less useful than it sounds because the categories are quite broad. As in, the top category for marketers is “marketing”.

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Showpad Raises $70 Million for Content Recommendations


The opposite of free is $70 million, which is how much sales enablement platform Showpad just raised in a combined debt and equity Series D. Showpad recommends content for salespeople to share with their customers and also offers helpful AI-based coaching.

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Limelight and AppDirect Add Tools for Subscription Marketers

Martech Advisor and Coveo

Subscription marketing is still the wave of the future, unless I missed a memo. Two items on that topic: subscription ecommerce platform Limelight has added a new set of products including dynamic pricing, a drag-and-drop store builder, and ability to target campaigns at specific customer segments. Meanwhile, another subscription platform, AppDirect, has partnered with Coveo to add AI-powered search and recommendations.

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