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June 28, 2019

Humans Gain Ground on Goldfish Attention Span

Cuebiq Launches Blockchain-Based Consent Verification


Let’s abandon our usual crankiness today. We’ll start with a blockchain-based consent tracking solution from location data vendor Cuebiq. Apps that collect data usage consent from consumers can store the details on blockchain, where other companies can read them to verify that data is shared legitimately. Nice.

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Alexa.com Offers Free Site Traffic Analysis


Next, we have a nifty set of free Web site traffic analysis tools from Alexa. Enter a URL and Alexa generates a bouquet of keyword, traffic, and competitive site reports. The free information offers plenty to dig into and you can get full details by signing up for a 14 day free trial. They even explain how to use the results.

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Humans Gain Ground on Goldfish Attention Span

Extreme Reach

Best for last: humanity may be recovering from its smartphone-induced stupor, with attention spans once again exceeding the goldfish level. Six-second video ads have lost ground to 15 second ads, 30 second ads are displacing fifteens, and more people can now watch for one or even two full minutes. The driver is a shift from watching video on mobile devices to watching on connected TVs. This all based on research from advertising asset management company Extreme Reach.

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