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July 3, 2019

Contentsquare Buys Clicktale to Extend Web Experience Analytics

Contentsquare Buys Clicktale to Extend Web Experience Analytics


Contentsquare gave us some actual news yesterday by acquiring Clicktale. Both help companies optimize their Web user experience, although Clicktale focuses on finding problems in the buyer journey while Contentsquare is more about discovering opportunities for improvement.

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Pixability Unifies Video Campaigns Across Publishers


More product news: Pixability has launched a new platform that runs unified video advertising campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Connected TV platforms. Functions including audience building, campaign optimization, and a reporting interface. The value here is not having to run campaigns separately with each publisher.

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Cognitiv Adds AI-Based Ad Targeting to Find New Customers


Cognitiv also runs ad campaigns. Their special power is using multiple neural network models to optimize real-time ad bids. The latest application is Cognitiv Incremental, which buys impressions most likely to add new customers.

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