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July 10, 2019

Facebook Releases Open Source Recommendation Model

Facebook Releases Open Source Recommendation Model


I usually prioritize acquisition and funding announcements, but don’t think you really care that Coveo bought Tooso for intent analytics, Sinequa raised $23 million for knowledge discovery, or Signpost raised $52 million for local business marketing. But you probably are interested that Facebook has made an open source release of its Deep Learning Recommendation Model for personalized content selection.  You’ll recall that Google and Amazon recently made similar moves.

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Rocketium Launches System to Create Thousands of Videos per Minute

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You may also be excited – or horrified – that video automation vendor Rocketium has announced a solution that can create thousands of videos per minute. “Online commerce companies like Amazon and Zillow have images, features, and prices for every product in their database. With a few lines of code and Rocketium automation, they can convert this data to explainers, recommendation videos, and personalized GIFs for emails or ads,” the company promises.

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GliaStudio Adds Automated Video Creation to Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

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Oddly enough, we have a second announcement today about automated video creation. This is from GliaStudio, which enables “customers to generate quality videos simply from their news content, social posts, live sports events, and even statistical data in minutes.” They’ve just made this available on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

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