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July 11, 2019

UK Privacy Authority Fines Marriott $123 Million Under GDPR

UK Privacy Authority Fines Marriott $123 Million Under GDPR

Tech Crunch

Just two days after the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced a record $240 million GDPR fine for British Airways, the ICO announced a $123 million penalty against Marriott. Like the British Airways fine, this was for a data breach. But it does suggest that marketers should pay serious attention to the ICO’s savage criticism of real time ad bidding.

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Most Consumers Have Abandoned Hope for Online Privacy: Figleaf Survey

PR Newswire

In a survey taken before the UK ICO’s recent actions, U.S. and UK consumers had largely given up on expecting government protection for their online data. The June 2019 survey, from privacy protection company Figleaf, found that just 32% of US and UK consumers felt online privacy was possible, compared with 61% in a similar March 2018 survey. The number believing that privacy is a government responsibility fell from 75% to 6% during the same period.

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Cheetah Digital Buys Wayin and Neustar Partners with Freckle to Add Privacy-Safe Data

Cheetah Digital, Neustar

Despite consumer doubts, marketers have clearly begun to think that privacy is good business. Exhibit 1: when marketing software company Cheetah Digital announced purchase of interactive experience platform Wayin, they described it in terms of collecting “zero party data" for permission-based marketing. Exhibit 2: Neustar has opened its “Identity Data Management Platform” to data from Freckle, which pays consumers directly for access to their information.

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