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July 15, 2019

Facebook Stock Rises After $5 Billion Privacy Fine

Facebook Stock Rises After $5 Billion Privacy Fine

The Verge

The Federal Trade Commission has reportedly approved a $5 billion settlement with Facebook over privacy violations. The deal was widely criticized as a slap on the wrist and the company’s stock price rose after the announcement. But it’s still by far the largest privacy fine ever and roughly twice the maximum 4% of revenue allowed under GDPR.

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Most Ads Are Irrelevant Despite Data-Based Targeting: Ogury Study


Data-driven advertising is the foundation of Facebook’s wealth, but mobile analytics firm Ogury found that 90% of mobile users find targeted ad messages annoying and 54% say the most annoying thing is that they’re irrelevant. They conclude that advertisers on Facebook and elsewhere aren’t getting as much value from their data as they think.

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DTX Helps Direct-to-Consumer Brands Grow Customers Outside the Walled Gardens


Marketers hoping to escape the grip of Facebook and other walled gardens are eyeing direct-to-consumer business models. In the finest “sell shovels to gold miners” tradition, entrepreneurs are building services to help. One entrant is The DTX Company, which just announced Unbox, a platform for brands to reach consumers through events, TV, and other channels that are anything-but-Amazon, Google, and Facebook. They'll use plenty of data to match the right channels to the right people.

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