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July 16, 2019

Adobe, Microsoft and Accenture Announce Integration Partnership

Adobe, Microsoft and Accenture Announce Integration Partnership


Adobe has announced that Microsoft-Accenture joint venture Avanade will build a practice to connect Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure. The deal illustrates the importance of such integration and how hard it is. Adobe, Microsoft and Accenture are all partners in the Open Database Initiative but apparently have decided that direct Adobe-Microsoft integrations can’t wait for ODI to be ready.

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Centerbridge Partners Launches Acoustic as Brand for Martech Products Bought from IBM


The waiting is also over for Centerbridge Partners’ relaunch of the marketing products business it purchased from IBM in April. The new name is Acoustic, which “launches with a total focus on unleashing the brilliance in marketers by empowering them with freedom to do their best work.” I’d like to think the jargon-filled announcement is an elaborate prank, but doubt it.

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Marketers Run Just 10% of Customer Experience Programs: Serenova Survey


Some jargonistas substitute “customer experience” for “marketing”, on the theory that one encompasses the other. But this survey for contact center vendor Serenova found otherwise: just 10% of customer experience teams report to a marketing leader. Much more common were reporting to CEO (33%) or head of operations (26%). Lots more here about CX priorities, technology, and obstacles, including that lack of a single customer view is the biggest challenge.

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