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July 17, 2019

CDP Amperity Raises $50 Million

CDP Amperity Raises $50 Million Series C


Some days this newsletter just writes itself. First we have a nice funding announcement from a CDP: a $50 million Series C for Amperity. It brings their total raise to $78 million.

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Near Raises $100 Million Series C


Next, an even bigger $100 million raise for Singapore-based Near, which collects behavior, location, and transaction data on a staggering 1.6 billion users worldwide and lets clients send them targeted messages. Total funding is now $134 million. (Don’t confuse them with San Francisco-based blockchain start-up Near, which raised $12.1 million last week.)

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In-App Video Ad Platform Vungle Sold for $750 Million


Finally, news that in-app video advertising platform Vungle was bought by private equity investor Blackstone for a reported $750 million or more. You probably wouldn’t have read this if that number weren’t so large. I know I wouldn’t have written it.

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