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July 19, 2019

Signal Adds Real-Time Data Onboarding

Signal Adds Real-Time Data Onboarding


Here’s one of those “I thought they could already do that” items: identity specialist Signal announced the ability to do real-time identity resolution and data onboarding, meaning it can look up external data about a Web site visitor as soon as they appear. Looking up internal data about known visitors isn’t unique but identifying and appending external data about unknown visitors is something else.

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mParticle Can Automatically Merge Anonymous and Known User Profiles


Here’s another unexpected announcement: mParticle has added a “User Aliasing API” that can automatically merge profiles when an anonymous user is associated with a known user ID. You might have thought they could already do that. The moral is to check such things with any vendor, even the established ones.

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Managers Overestimate Data Capabilities: Talend Report


Sticking with false assumptions, this Talend survey finds that managers are consistently  more confident of their company’s data abilities than operational data workers. A random example: 46% of managers think their organization is always in control of its data but just 28% of operational workers agree.

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