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July 22, 2019

AdQuick Launches Pay-per-Engagement Outdoor Ads

AdQuick Launches Pay-per-Engagement Outdoor Ads

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Much of the U.S. is baking in a heat wave, so we’ll save energy by making today’s newsletter exceptionally brief. Item 1: outdoor media agency Adquick has launched a cost-per-engagement model for outdoor advertising – something that has traditionally been as unmeasurable as it gets. Advertisers pay for responses to SMS codes shown in the ad.

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Dynamic Yield Adds API to Use External Email Providers

Dynamic Yield

Item 2: personalization platform Dynamic Yield has announced an API to connect with external email senders for triggered emails. I don’t know why they felt this was worth a press release but it does highlight the growth of API connections as an alternative to multi-function integrated products. Also, Dynamic Yield is owned by McDonald’s.

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Amazon Offers $10 to Track Shoppers


Item 3: Last week’s Prime Day promotions from Amazon included a $10 credit to customers who would install a comparison shopping tool that tracks their visits to competitive sites and tries to underbid them. No word on response. Given how much data people give away for free, $10 is both exceptionally generous and insultingly low.

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