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July 26, 2019

Salesforce Partners with Alibaba to Open China

Salesforce Partners with Alibaba to Open China


You always seem interested in Salesforce news, Dear Reader. We'll test that by reporting that the company will partner cloud services giant Alibaba to sell its systems in China. This will presumably require acquiescing to Chinese data privacy and surveillance rules. Perhaps a bit of a moral quandary but this is the same Salesforce that ignored objections to working with the current U.S. regime’s immigration agency.

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Insideview Welcomes Data.Com Refugees

Globe Newswire

Not all refugees are unwelcome. B2B data aggregator Insideview is aggressively chasing customers were using Salesforce’s discontinued Data.com. Insideview has made several enhancements to data quality tools, which help remove duplicates and add richer information to client databases.

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Bigtincan Buys Veelo to Extend Sales Enablement Reach


Since today’s category seems to be “companies vaguely connected with Salesforce”, let’s finish with word that mobile sales enablement vendor Bigtincan has purchased Veelo, a complementary solution with more of a desktop focus. Did I mention it integrates with Salesforce?

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