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July 30, 2019

Marketers Use Almost 30 AdTech Systems

Marketers Use Almost 30 AdTech Systems: AdLedger and MadHive Report


Look, I have nothing for you today. Read on if you wish, but you’ve been warned. Best I can offer is a “State of Ad Tech” survey from AdLedger and MadHive, which found that marketers currently use 27.9 different adtech solutions and expect to add 8.5 more in the next year. They think the number will fall to 14.9 in three years but it’s not clear how that happens.

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Science Proves That Environment Impacts Ad Perception: Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science

Still here? Integral Ad Science found that ads are viewed more favorably when they’re seen in a high-quality environment. They discovered this by strapping electrode-studded shower caps to people's heads and reading their brain waves. Back off man, we’re scientists.

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Video Marketing Is Becoming More Important: Forrester Consulting and 4C


Wow, you are a really loyal reader. Is that you, Mom? I promise I’ll come for dinner tomorrow. If you’re not Mom, here’s a Forrester Consulting report for adtech vendor 4C.  They found nearly 80% of marketers agree video is becoming more important. What do the rest think, I wonder? Maybe if we read their brain waves….

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