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August 1, 2019

Quotient Technology Offers Ad Audiences Based on Retail Coupons and Purchases

Quotient Technology Offers Ad Audiences Based on Retail Coupons and Purchases

Quotient Technology

Quotient Technology manages a promotion network that it says accounts for 75% of all consumer packaged goods digital coupon activations. They’ve just launched a service to build digital ad audiences based on their data, which also includes purchase history on over 100 million consumers. Ads will be delivered through web sites, mobile apps, social media, smart TVs, and other digital channels.

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Throtle and BritePool Partner to Track Users Without Cookies


Throtle uses a combination of non-cookie methods to identify individuals across channels. It just partnered with BritePool, which encourages users to identify themselves by signing into Web sites, to track visitors across sites so programmatic ad buyers can limit ad frequency. We’ll see more such projects as cookies fade away.

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Google Reports on You 500 Times Each Day: The Australian

The Australian

Cookies aside, how much data do Internet companies gather about you? The Australian found an Android phone sent Google 529 updates in one typical day.  That’s more than once every three minutes. Locations, activities, and nearby wi-fi sources were all reported relentlessly.

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