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August 5, 2019

Marchex Adds AI-Powered Phone Conversation Analytics

Marchex Adds AI-Powered Phone Conversation Analytics


Let’s talk about talking. Call analytics vendor Marchex has released a variety of AI-powered features that interpret phone conversations. Applications include identifying consumer intent, predicting churn, and evaluating salesperson performance.

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Quiq Raises $12.5 Million Series B for Automated Text Conversations


Quiq uses conversational AI to run chatbots and guide human agents. They offer a messaging-based shopping cart, which you may not have known you needed. And they just raised a $12.5 million Series B, bringing total funding to $19 million.

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MindTickle Raises $40 Million Series C to Train People


MindTickle uses tech to train humans to be better at sales and service. Sounds quaint. But somebody just gave them $40 million in new funding, bringing their total to $81.3 million.

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