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January 13, 2017

Eulerian CDP Raises $5.3 Million; Acclerize Upgrades CAKE; Logtrust Raises $11 Million

Eulerian Technologies Raises $5.3 Million


Paris-based Eulerian Technologies has raised $5.3 million to accelerate its growth. Eulerian assembles unified customer profiles from on- and off-line sources; provides Web analytics, attribution, and segmentation; and connects with more than 250 partners for analytics, personalization, and execution. In other words, it’s a CDP. The company was founded in 2002 and now has 50 employees at offices in France, Canada, and Spain. It serves more than 130 clients in 35 countries.

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Accelerize Upgrades CAKE Ad Analytics Platform


Accelerize has upgraded the tracking, attribution, optimization and performance of its CAKE system for advertising analytics. CAKE gathers ad placement and performance data, including capturing and distributing leads. It uses individual-level information for attribution and performance measurement but doesn’t build a database of identified customers. So, not a CDP.

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Logtrust Secures $11 Million for Real-Time Big Data Analytics


Logtrust bills itself as “the Real-time Big Data-in-Motion as-a-Service firm for Fast Data, Big Data analytics” which won’t win any awards for elegance but does get the point across. That point being: it ingests streams of data in real time and allows analysis including visualization, prebuilt queries and event detection. This can obviously be helpful for marketers, although the system isn’t specifically designed to unify customer data. So also not a CDP. Logtrust just raised $11 million.

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