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August 15, 2019

Evergage Adds Direct Access to CDP Data

Evergage Adds Direct Access to CDP Data


CDP Evergage has released the Evergage Data Warehouse, which gives external systems direct access to the data it assembles. Previously, users were limited to reporting, segmentation, and file extracts.

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Folloze Expands Access to External Data


B2B personalization vendor Folloze has added a new connector for Demandbase audiences, real-time identity matching against sources such as Oracle Eloqua, and on-the-fly mapping of content to firmographics. Only worth mentioning to illustrate the importance of accessing external data.

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Shopify Releases Free On-Site Chat Tool


You probably don’t need convincing that chat is important. But you might still be surprised that the function has become so quickly commoditized that Shopify is now offering it at no extra cost. The new tool will show up on all pages of a Shopify ecommerce site.

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