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August 19, 2019

IBM Blockchain Pilot Cuts Ad Costs by 2-3%

IBM Blockchain Pilot Cuts Ad Costs by 2-3%


Blockchain often seems over-hyped but one application that always made sense was streamlining the digital ad supply chain. Sure enough, a pilot run by IBM, Unilver, and others has yielded an average two to three percent savings. That’s a small fraction of what goes to intermediaries and fraudsters but presumably benefits will grow over time.

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Google Supports IAB Mobile Ad Measurement Standard


One challenge with digital ads is knowing whether they were actually seen. Google has just announced it will support the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK, which will make it easier to track mobile ad viewability. The SDK simplifies advertisers’ lives by letting one tag feed data to multiple measurement vendors.

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Openprise Adds Campaign Attribution to Data Orchestration


Marketing data orchestration vendor Openprise is also making measurement easier, in their case by adding new campaign attribution capabilities. Openprise offers data quality, segmentation, lead routing and other types of processing. It moves data between systems rather than maintaining its own database, so it’s not a CDP. If you wondered.

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