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August 21, 2019

OneTrust Receives First ISO 27701 Privacy Certification

OneTrust Receives First ISO 27701 Privacy Certification


Privacy management vendor OneTrust has receives the first ISO 27701 certification, which covers processes required by GDPR and other privacy regulations. The new standard will likely become a requirement for many buyers.

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Consumers Less Likely to Share Data When Offered Personalized Experience: ARF Study

Advertising Research Foundation

Marketers often offer a personalized experience as a reason for consumers to share their data. But the Advertising Research Foundation found that consumers are more likely to share when it isn’t mentioned. The difference was slight but it’s still more proof that people just don’t want to be reminded how their data is used. Lots more here.

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One-Quarter of Retailers Can Tie Ad Impressions to Subsequent Behaviors: OneMarket Research


Retailers may be realizing that personalization isn’t as powerful as conventional wisdom suggests. OneMarket found the most common use for customer identity systems is to verify eligibility for targeted discounts, while personalized product recommendations ranked last. A surprisingly high 29% said they could tie ad impressions to subsequent behavior in physical, Web, and mobile apps. Much more here on the topic.

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