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August 23, 2019

Up to Two-Thirds of Location-Based Ad Spend Is Wasted

Up to Two-Thirds of Location-Based Ad Spend Is Wasted: Location Science Report

Location Science

It’s Friday, so let’s just sneak in some bad news while you’re not paying much attention. We’ll start with a study from location intelligence company Location Sciences, which found that up to 65% of location-based ad spend is mistargeted. More precisely, 29% of the ads are delivered outside the target area while 36% rely on IP address, which is not accurate. Oh, and 36% of top GPS-enabled apps display location fraud.

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Almost One-Fifth of Programmatic Ad Impressions Are Invalid: Pixalate Study


Anti-fraud vendor Pixalate has seems like an optimist: they found a mere 19% of U.S. programmatic ads are invalid traffic, which usually indicates fraud. The U.S. showed more fraud than Canada or the big European countries, although less than India, Russia, and Brazil. Video showed more fraud than Web ads and in-app ads are worse than both.

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Robocall-Blocking Apps Share Users’ Private Data


Finally, we’re told that a majority of robocall blocker apps have been found to share personal data without user permission. How much you care depends on your attitude towards privacy but it’s surely bad news in terms of general trust levels. Can I go home now?

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