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August 26, 2019

Salesforce Describes Customer 360 as Including Everything It Does

Salesforce Describes Customer 360 as Including Everything It Does


We were looking forward to Salesforce releasing a proper Customer Data Platform so they could start to educate rather than confuse the industry. Silly us. In his latest pronouncements, Salesforce leader Marc Benioff does not utter the words "Customer Data Platform" but does describe the company's “Customer 360 platform” as including pretty much everything the company does: “4 million sales opportunities, and 4.3 million leads generated today, 77 million service case interactions log, 4.1 billion messages and email sent, 4.2 million orders processed by 53 million reports and dashboards created every day, and 700 million commerce pages.”  **sigh**

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Google Proposes Privacy-Safe Advertising Project


Google offered its own grand vision last week, this one aimed at making personalized ads compatible with privacy expectations. They cited studies that found traffic without cookies yielded 52% less revenue to publishers than traffic with cookies. Google would rely mostly on user consent, which has little impact because few users pay attention. But it also suggests techniques to do targeting without exposing individual data.  Details here.

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Leadspace Adds Better Analytics and CRM Integrations


Looking for more practical news? Leadspace announced details of its latest release, which includes improved analytics and integration with Salesforce, Pardot, and its ReachForce acquisition.

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