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August 27, 2019

Syncsort Buys Pitney Bowes Software Business for $700 Million

Syncsort Buys Pitney Bowes Software Business for $700 Million


Syncsort has purchased Pitney Bowes’ software solutions business, a collection of tools for customer analytics, data quality, personalization, interaction management, geocoding, and more. It illustrates the interest that general data management vendors are showing in customer data. Price was $700 million.

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Here’s a List of Ad Targeting Methods That Privacy Protections Will End


The tools that Syncsort just bought work mostly with first party data. They’ll come in handy as privacy protections reduce use of third party data for ad targeting. Digiday just published a handy overview of ad techniques that will soon be extinct. Rejoice or weep, depending on your perspective.

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83% of Consumers Have Taken Steps to Protect Their Data


How much do consumers really care about privacy? Factual found that 60% are at least somewhat concerned, although their main worries are identity theft, fraud, and stolen passwords. A larger majority, 83%, have taken some action to protect their data. In general, about one third are open to sharing information in exchange for personalized treatment, one third are opposed, and one third don’t care much either way.

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