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August 28, 2019

Data Compiler NetWise Buys WhoToo from Demandbase

Data Compiler NetWise Buys WhoToo from Demandbase


We have a nice little trio of acquisitions today, Dear Reader. Closest to home for marketers, customer data compiler NetWise has bought competitors WhoToo from Demandbase, which itself purchased WhoToo in 2015. NetWise is moving from a white label model to selling its services directly.

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Airship Acquires Apptimize to Add Analytics and Alliteration


Messaging platform Airship is buying Apptimize, a testing and optimization solution for messaging, Web sites, and smart TV channels. Apptimize lets marketers change iOS and Android apps without making code changes and then measure the results. Hours of fun.

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Cisco Buys CloudCherry to Guide Call Center Agents


Finally, Cisco announced a deal to buy CloudCherry, which provides call center agents with journey flows and predictive analytics. The system combines data from multiple source systems in real time. Of course, it would be better to read data from a CDP than maintain yet another set of point-to-point integrations.

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