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September 3, 2019

Marketers Send Too Many Emails, Finds Study

Subject Lines, Timeliness, and Frequency Impact Email Open Rates: GetResponse Study


Hi folks, it’s Jamie, CDP Institute’s Department of the Obvious intern. Make that Senior Intern, actually – the boss recognized my fine work with a new title. Still no salary because the boss says that would make me a wage slave.  In the meantime, a GetResponse study found subject lines, quick response, and frequency impact email open rates. Turns out that weekly newsletters are more likely to be read than daily ones. I’d tell the boss but then I’d have even fewer chances to write.

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Influencers Have More Impact than TV or Social Ads: Whalar Research


Meanwhile, influencer marketing agency Whalar produced a study showing that influencer marketing is more effective than TV or social media ads. No surprise there. What's less obvious is their technique: “Steady State Topography”, which reads brain waves to measure emotional response.

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Half of Social Media Logins Are Fraud: Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs

When it comes to obvious, nothing beats news that social media is rife with fraud. But you might still be surprised that Arkose Labs found more than half of all social media logins are fraudulent as are 25% of new account applications. It may explain last week's non-obvious report that online and offline social conversations are not correlated.

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