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September 6, 2019

Bad Data Costs 21 Cents of Every Media Dollar

Bad Data Costs 21 Cents of Every Media Dollar: Forrester for Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution

Looking for some ammunition in your fight for a data quality program? Bad data costs marketers 21 cents of every media dollar, according to this Forrester study for marketing measurement specialist Marketing Evolution. Quality leaders performed better on every imaginable business metric.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Suffer from Inaccurate Data: Experian Study


An Experian survey makes the same point: 65% of respondents said inaccurate data has undermined key initiatives. Just 11% have mature data quality initiatives. Even so, more cite communications, skills, and budget as obstacles to data utilization than cite technology or data quality.

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DealSignal Launches CRM Data Health for Salesforce


This seems a good place to mention that B2B data provider DealSignal has recently launched a CRM Data Health module to dynamically clean data in Salesforce. Contact information is just one piece of the data quality puzzle but it’s a good one to solve first.

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