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September 9, 2019

BigID Raises $50 Million Series C for Privacy Tech

BigID Raises $50 Million Series C for Privacy Tech


Privacy issues are creeping up on you like the demented clown in a horror movie, Dear Reader. BigID is running to the rescue with tools to find and monitor all the personal information hidden in your virtual cupboards. They just raised a $50 million Series C, bringing total funding to $96 million.

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IAB Tech Lab Offers Cookie Substitute

IIAB Tech Lab

Finding a privacy-safe way to share visitor data without cookies is another nightmare in search of a happy ending. Industry group IAB Tech Lab has proposed replacing cookies with a shared token that acts as a universal identifier, stores privacy preferences, and is backed by measures to ensure those preferences are honored. They hope the standard can be managed by industry groups with government support.

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Facebook Exposes 419 Million Phone Numbers and Account Names


What’s that, you worry that centralized data accumulation can lead to massive leaks to people who ignore consent? But surely anyone working with so much sensitive data would never do anything really dumb, like leaving 419 million phone numbers linked to Facebook accounts on an insecure server. Oh wait: Facebook just did.

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