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September 13, 2019

People Delete Smartphone Apps That Send Too Many Messages: Leanplum Study

People Delete Smartphone Apps That Send Too Many Messages: Leanplum Study


Hi, it’s Jamie, Senior Intern at the Department of the Obvious. The boss tells me he has no news at all today, so I get to write. We’ll start with this Leanplum study that finds the most common reason that people delete smartphone apps is too many and irrelevant messages.

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People Want Something Back for Sharing Data: Here Technologies

Globe Newswire

Next, a report from HERE Technologies that finds people are more willing to share their data if they get a benefit in return, such as safety, security, using a service or saving money. That sure seems obvious although a study last month found people were more likely to share data if not told the purpose than if told the purpose was personalized advertising.

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Court Rules LinkedIn Can’t Block Public Profile Scraping

ZD Net

Best for last: in what I like to think of as CSI: Obvious Division, a Federal appeals court ruled that LinkedIn can’t block scraping of published member data because people had no expectation of privacy for their public profiles. It’s rather amazing LinkedIn thought they could win with that one.

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