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September 17, 2019

Salesforce Launches Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Clouds

Salesforce Launches Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Clouds


Salesforce has launched Consumer Goods Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud, each with features tailored to supporting sales reps in their respective industry. Both are part of what the company now positions as its all-encompassing Customer 360 platform, which will also include a proper CDP some day.

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Comscore Adds Privacy-Safe Connected TV Segments to Adobe, Google, and Oracle Data Cloud


Comscore has partnered with Adobe, Google and Oracle Data Cloud to deploy privacy-safe demographic segments for connected TV advertising. The segments follow the IAB Tech Lab’s guidelines for Identifiers for Advertising, which allow individuals to opt out of tracking and targeting and let marketers control frequency and personalize messages to everyone else.

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Dynamic Yield Adds Browsing-Based Profiles

Dynamic Yield

In more news from the personalization front, Dynamic Yield has added profiles based on attributes of products that users have browsed. This supplements profiles based on actual purchases. The segments can be deployed across any channel where a customer has been identified.

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