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September 18, 2019

Oracle Launches CX Unity CDP

Oracle Launches CX Unity CDP


Oracle announced the launch of its CX Unity customer data platform yesterday.  The press release was unclear but Oracle subsequently confirmed that the product is generally available and just added integrations with Oracle's Data Management Platform and ID Graph.

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Kitewheel Enhances Journey Reporting and Adds Identity Resolution


Customer journey platform Kitewheel was a bit more specific, announcing new journey measurement capabilities based on letting users identify journey steps as journey objectives. They also announced a new ID manager that can resolve identities across systems to create unified customer profiles.

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Optimizely Speeds Experiments by Moving Execution to Network Edge


Meanwhile, testing platform Optimizely released Performance Edge, which executes experiments at the edge of the network rather than within a user’s browser. This speeds things up, giving average web experiment response times under 50 milliseconds. That’s fast.

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