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September 24, 2019

Ometria Raises $21 Million Series B for Retail Personalization

Ometria Raises $21 Million Series B for Retail Personalization


Retail marketing platform Ometria has raised a $21 Series B for AI-powered personalization. TechCrunch thinks Ometria is the only marketing system that’s built specifically for retail and creates unified customer profiles. It’s not.

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Daisy Intelligence Announces $10 Million Series A for Retail Optimization

Daisy Intelligence

Daisy Intelligence doesn’t claim to be the only AI-powered system to deliver automated recommendations to retailers, in its case for optimizing product and pricing decisions. But, hey, they’re Canadian. It did just raise a $10 million (Canadian) Series A.

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Luminoso Speeds Text Analysis Implementation with Daylight Express


Luminoso uses AI to convert unstructured text data such as surveys and product reviews into business insights. They don’t have a funding announcement today but did just release Daylight Express, a low-cost, quick-deployment system that draws on the company’s past experience to deploy new clients without extensive custom training of the AI.

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