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September 26, 2019

CDP News from Segment, Arm Treasure Data, and RedPoint Global

Segment Adds Privacy Portal and Simpler Custom Data Integration

Globe Newswire

Segment has a pair of announcements today. First is a Privacy Portal that automatically detects personal information and lets users restrict its distribution. Second is Functions, which lets users add custom data integrations with a few lines of code.

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Arm Treasure Data Adds Features to Speed Time to Value

Arm Treasure Data

Arm Treasure Data has also made it easier to build custom integrations, with a feature they call Custom Scripts.  And, they’ve addressed the distressing shortage of pirate-themed CDP products with Treasure Boxes, a library of prebuilt codes and applications for various purposes.

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RedPoint Global Raises $13.5 Million

RedPoint Global

RedPoint Global doesn’t have new features today but did raise $13.5 million in new funding round, bringing its total to $37.2 million per Crunchbase. The funds will used to support growth via geographic expansion and strategic partnerships.

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