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October 2, 2019

Martech Deal Volume Stalled in Q3

Martech Deal Volume Stalled in Q3: LUMA Report

LUMA Partners

Another sign of peak martech? Investment firm LUMA found the number of martech deals rose just slightly (42 to 45) in Q3 of this year, while the value of publicly traded martech firms actually fell. Deal volume in digital content and Direct-to-Consumer rose much more. The report mentions last month’s purchase by Zeta Global of CDP vendor IgnitionOne’s legacy DSP business, which slipped under this newsletters’ radar.

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BurstIQ Raises $5.5 Million Series A for Blockchain-Based Healthcare Data Management

Business Wire

Blockchain investments are usually too speculative to be worth a mention. But we’ll make an exception for BurstIQ’s $5.5 million Series A because the company has an actual product with a useful application: managing healthcare data to allow both sharing and privacy protection.

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Data Quality Is Biggest Obstacle to Customer Data Activation: Invoca Study


Switching gears, this Invoca survey found that data quality is the most common obstacle to using customer data to optimize ad performance (46%). Privacy is next (42%), followed by too much data (31%) and collecting data from silos (28%). It’s a helpful reminder about a problem that’s easy to overlook when you're planning that oh-so-sexy CDP.

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