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October 7, 2019

80% of Companies Use Home-Built Martech

80% of Companies Use Home-Built Martech: Mailjet Survey


Despite all the martech products available today, custom software is alive and well.  About 60% of US and UK marketers told Mailjet they have built their own marketing technology and another 20% have a project under way. Home-grown systems are harder to use but the cost of switching keeps many companies locked in. Click here for a summary and here for tons of interesting detail on pros and cons of each option.

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Legacy and In-House Systems Biggest Barrier to B2B Marketing Agility: Episerver Survey


And what about the cost of not switching? Rigidities of legacy and in-house systems were the most-cited obstacle (59%) to digital agility in this Episerver survey of B2B marketers. A CDP could help but just 17% plan to buy one, far below plans for Web analytics (51%) and email (49%).

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GDPR Compliance Has Unexpected Benefits: Capgemini Report


Legacy systems were also cited as the biggest barrier to GDPR compliance in this Capgemini report (38%), followed closely by the complexity of regulations (36%) and cost (33%). Surprisingly, more companies the U.S. reported full compliance (35%) than in any European country. More than 80% of compliant firms saw gains in customer trust, improvements in IT systems, cybersecurity, and organizational transformation.

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