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October 8, 2019

CCPA Compliance Could Cost $55 Billion (But Probably Won't)

CCPA Compliance Could Cost $55 Billion: State Attorney General Study


A study for the California Attorney General (download here) estimated compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) could cost as much as $55 billion. It’s a headline-grabbing figure although probably much too high: a key assumption is that almost 75% of California businesses have lists of more than 50,000 consumers. Think about the small businesses you know and how many are likely to have a list that large. Still, it helps to remind businesses that CCDPA is coming in January.

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Titus and BigID Help Companies Find Personal Data They Need to Protect

Business Wire

Plenty of vendors are eager to help companies comply with CCPA and other privacy rules. Titus and BigID both offer services to identify personal data that needs to be protected. Titus recently launched Titus Accelerator. BigID just announced a global reseller agreement with SAP.

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Osano Rates Business Privacy Practices

PR Web

Start-up Osano is tackling a different privacy challenge: helping consumers and businesses know which companies have good privacy practices. They’ve measured practices of more than 7,000 companies and share the results with businesses and consumers. They also offer a consent management tool. Osano was founded in 2018 and has $3 mlilion in seed funding.

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