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October 16, 2019

CleverTap CDP Raises $35 Million Series C

CleverTap CDP Raises $35 Million Series C


We have a full plate of industry news for you today, Dear Reader. CDP CleverTap has raised a $35 million Series C, bringing their total funding to $76 million. CleverTap positions itself as an “AI-powered customer lifecycle and user retention platform” with a focus on mobile users. Waxing less poetic, we would put it our “campaign CDP” category.

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Ascent360 CDP Adds New Features and User Interface

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Ascent360, another campaign CDP, hasn’t raised any new money but does have some new features and a new user interface including an improved performance dashboard. Being even more straightforward than we are, Ascent360 describes itself as a “CDP for mid-market business-to-consumer companies”.

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Infutor Launches Privacy-Safe Approach to Programmatic Ad Targeting


Infutor isn’t a CDP but its consumer identity management solutions support a key CDP requirement. They’ve just launched a Digital Solutions Suite that links privacy-safe digital identities, such as hashed email addresses and mobile ad IDs, with offline attributes. This lets marketers use individual-level data for programmatic ad bidding, onboarding, segmentation, and personalized messaging without exposing personal identifiers.

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