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October 17, 2019

Microsoft Releases Low Cost, Self-Service Customer Data Platform

Microsoft Releases Low Cost, Self-Service Customer Data Platform


Microsoft has quietly beaten Salesforce and Adobe to market with a Customer Data Platform under the label of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. It seems to tick all the boxes for a proper CDP, including support for all data types, persistent storage, and open access. It also includes self-service capabilities and built in analytics. Core features are available now with prices starting at $1,500 per month.

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Martech is $121.5 Billion Industry: BDO and WARC Study


CDPs are still a small drop in the martech industry bucket, which consultancies BDO and WARC peg at $121.5 billion in a new report. Lots of interesting detail here, including 26% growth rate vs 2018, faster growth in Europe and APAC than North America, and decline in single vendor stacks from 29% to 22%.

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IT Professionals See Value of Shadow IT: Entrust Datacard Report

Entrust Datacard

One factor driving martech growth has been the ability for marketers to buy systems with little corporate IT support.  Entrust Datacard found that even IT professionals recognize that letting users pick their own tools can provide a competitive advantage. Their preferred solution is to make IT more responsive rather than giving up control entirely.

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