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October 18, 2019

Blueshift Adds In-App Messaging

Blueshift Adds In-App Messaging

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CDP Blueshift has added native in-app messages, letting users create highly personalized messages in multi-channel marketing campaigns. It has also enhanced its message creation studio. Blueshift calls itself a Customer Data Activation Platform to emphasize that its scope extends beyond data assembly to selecting customer messages.

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Bluecore Adds Web Site Personalization


Bluecore may qualify as a CDP but they’re a plain-spoken folk who just call themselves a “retail marketing technology company”.  Keeping in character, their just-launched Website personalization module is Bluecore Site. The new module works with Bluecore’s existing email product to coordinate customer treatments across both channels. The email product is unexpectedly called Bluecore Communicate.

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Invoca Raises $56 Million Series E


Let’s shift from blue to green. Call tracking and analytics vendor Invoca has raised a $56 million Series E, bringing its total funding to $116 million. It’s AI-powered!

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