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October 28, 2019

How Widely Used Are CDPs?

CDP Adoption Under 2%: Merkle Study


Estimates of CDP adoption range to above 50%. That's surely too high, but the 1.9% figure in this Merkle study seems low. The broader conclusion that CRM, email, marketing automation and marketing clouds manage more than 60% of audience data does seem about right. Lots more here on maturity levels, privacy compliance, and journey management.

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21% of Marketers Plan a CDP Investment in the Next Year: Chief Marketer Study

Chief Marketer

Chief Marketer paints a brighter picture: 21% of survey respondents said they plan a CDP investment in the next twelve months, similar to sales automation (25%) and mobile (18%) although well beyond email (54%) and marketing automation (51%). Just 13% felt they were “absolutely” optimizing their martech investments. Most common barriers were lack of time (58%) and skilled staff (56%).

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IAB Releases CCPA Compliance Framework


Twenty-nine percent (29%) of respondents told Merkle they were fully compliant with privacy regulations.  That's shockingly few for a legal requirement but still probably higher than reality. IAB is doing its bit to help, releasing a draft CCPA Compliance Framework for publishers and technology companies. Consider this your CCPA nudge for the week.

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