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October 29, 2019

Very Good Security Raises $35 Million Series B for Data Privacy Service

Very Good Security Raises $35 Million Series B for Data Privacy Service

Very Good Security

Very Good Security stores sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, outside of a company’s own systems. Clients get a unique identifier that is linked to the data, so the data itself is never exposed to potential privacy breaches. It’s a good example of what can be done to protect privacy when businesses really try. The company just raised a $35 million Series B.

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Contentsquare Adds AI-Based UX Recommendations


No more privacy today, I promise. Instead, here’s news that experience analytics vendor Contentsquare is adding AI-based recommendations for improvements in Web site and mobile app user experience. You may recall that Contentsquare bought Clicktale in July.

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OpenText Adds Customer Journey Visualization


Sticking with user experience, OpenText recently launched Core Experience Insights, a journey mapping application. The system combines data from multiple sources to visualize behaviors across touchpoints. It uses text analysis to include communications, Web content, and call center interactions.

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