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October 31, 2019

Lytics Announces Enhanced Salesforce Integration

Lytics Announces Enhanced Salesforce Integration


Customer Data Platforms are supposed to be good at connecting with other systems, so it’s always a bit unclear whether a new integration is newsworthy. But let’s lead today with an integration between the Lytics CDP and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It’s interesting because uses Salesforce as a delivery engine for Lytics campaigns.

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Most Companies Use Less the Half the Potential of First Party Data: MightyHive Report


Switching gears, here’s a MightyHive survey about use of first party data. Several interesting results, including that the majority of companies use less than half the potential of their data, more successful companies rely heavily on agencies, consultants, and other external resources, and the biggest challenges have to do with accuracy, cost, and privacy, not technology issues. Worth a look.

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Twitter Will Ban Most Political Advertising


And switching again, we’ll mention Twitter’s decision to ban (nearly) all paid political advertising. You’ve probably heard about the news already but it’s still worth noting as a rare victory for civilization in its war with social media. Don’t celebrate yet: Facebook is still happy to distribute paid lies.

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