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November 1, 2019

TapClicks Buys Megalytic to Build Better Dashboards

TapClicks Buys Megalytic to Build Better Dashboards


It seems the News Gods were too busy with their Halloween costumes to make anything happen on Thursday. So let’s roll back to Wednesday, when marketing analytics vendor TapClicks bought reporting tool builder Megalytic. Data gathered by TapClicks’ 200+ connectors will now feed Megalytic dashboards.

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Folloze Raises $11 Million More for B2B Personalization


Wednesday also brought news that personalization vendor Folloze had raised an $11 million Series B. Folloze uses data from internal and external sources to develop and orchestrate personalized messaging for B2B marketers.

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Marketers Need Long-Term ROI Measures: LinkedIn Report


We also have a LinkedIn report that digital marketers do a poor job of measuring return on marketing investments. The main criticism is that marketers report short term metrics without waiting for long term results. They offer no particular solution beyond educating everyone to be patient.

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