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November 4, 2019

Enterprises Analyze Average of 400 Data Sources

Sharpen Technologies Unifies Data for Call Center Agents

Sharpen Technologies

There are two classic CDP use cases: updating retargeting lists based on subsequent behavior and showing a complete profile to call center agents. So it’s worth noting that call center vendor Sharpen Technologies has added an option to ingest, combine, and present data from all sources. Regardless of whether it qualifies as a true CDP, it shows operational vendors trying to solve a problem that CDP addresses.

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Enterprises Analyze Average of 400 Data Sources: IDG Report for Matillion

PR Newswire

Call center agents only need to see a limited set of data. An IDG study for data transformation vendor Matillion found that analytics teams at 20% of big enterprises were analyzing more than 1,000 data sources and the mean number of sources was 400. Only a report for data scientists would cite the mean, but I disgress. The press release has more information than the published report, so let’s link to that.

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UserTesting Buys Truthlab to Mine Insights from Video


You’ve surely heard already that Google’s parent company Alphabet is buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion, and don’t need me to point out that this is about collecting data, not selling wearable devices. So let’s instead report that panel-based customer research company UserTesting has acquired fabulously-named Truthlab, which uses AI to find highlights in video feeds. As with Fitbit, the goal is to extract useful information from people’s behaviors. It’s Zuboffian!

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