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November 5, 2019

CDP Amperity Buys Custora for Predictive Modeling and Campaign Creation

CDP Amperity Buys Custora for Predictive Modeling and Campaign Creation


CDP Amperity has purchased Custora, a retail predictive analytics and campaign management system. Custora also assembles customer profiles so it might have qualified as a CDP by itself. It’s a rare acquisition by a CDP vendor and extends Amperity’s scope into “campaign CDP” territory.

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HubSpot Buys PieSync to Synch External Data


Integrated sales and marketing system HubSpot has purchased data synching vendor PieSync. The deal will make it easier for HubSpot to share contact data with its growing partner ecosystem. PieSync doesn’t create a persistent database so the deal doesn’t make HubSpot a CDP – although, as with Salesforce’s purchase of the MuleSoft integration platform, it may be a step in that direction.

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Veeva Buys Crossix Personal Medical Data Compiler for $430 Million

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We have a couple of other, small martech acquisitions today: opportunity manager Costello by sales engagement platform SalesLoft and procurement management system Scout RFP by administration platform Workday. But we won’t mention them. Instead, here’s completion of a $430 million acquisition by pharm industry services company Veeva. Target is Crossix, which compiles medical and other data on more than 300 million people in the U.S. and uses it to measure and optimize marketing campaigns to consumers and health professionals.

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